Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

"This is for my nieces and nephews. So that we can work towards a greater planet for them to live on. A healthy planet, a sustainable future for my little 3-year-old niece. This is for you, Adeline", one rebel replied when he was asked "Do you have anything to say?" whilst being arrested.

The Scream by Edvard Munch
The Scream Peeps by Lisa Johnson
This morning I awoke to a disturbance of thought. I don't recall what I had been dreaming, but I was remembering my mother who had passed away some 3+ years ago.

It seems to me now, that she was quite frightened of dying, even though she confessed her sins to her pastor and he exclaimed her absolution, and claimed her path to heaven was assured.

When I held her hand, caressed her cheek and told her softly it was okay to go, the look in her eyes was not blissful. Her body was not peaceful. Her face was a contortion of agony and fear of whatever was to come.

I doubt she was going to hell to be endlessly tortured by demons. But that is what her struggle told me no matter her pastor tried to say otherwise.  I simply could not listen to his platitudes, and walked away to be alone with my jumbled thoughts full of the sensory imprints of her last moments.

At the time of her passing and since, my general ambivalence towards organized religion has been smoldering. And today of all days, in my wakeful attentiveness to the past, I can finally put to words what I could not then.

I cannot abide the Christian religion for evoking such fear in my mother's eyes in the moment of her death.

I wonder now if God is annoyed by the curious things growing in this petri dish. Does she frown as she tests her hypotheses over and over and over again (at least 108 billion times thus far)? Or, perhaps, she simply smiles for the blossoms that spring up in the valleys and along the hillsides, and gasps with delight for the variety of shapes and colors and fragrances.

I'd like to think that if there is a God, she is delighted by the beauty of her creation. But oh the hubris of humankind, to think that of all God's creation only we are created in God's image.

How unfortunate that all life on this Earth shall reap the whirlwind of our humankindness. Our deliberate pursuit of self-fulfilling Revelations. Our willful malevolence to hurry along the 6th extinction simply so that the saved can rise to heaven before the pale horseman rides.

Such fervid believers are fooled by our proclaimed leaders who are Christian-in-Name-Only. Grifters and grafters taking all they can because they truly believe money can save themselves and their progeny when the SHTF.

And I'm afraid that too few will avail ourselves of the only grace still available to us, the 99%, in these last 11 years...

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Where Do I Begin?

And now when I hear people curse the chance that was wasted, I know but too well what they mean... 
- Cole Porter, Begin the Beguine

I've been a long time comin' back round to writing, both this blog and a Twisted story. But here and there I am writing again, for whatever it's worth to you and me.

Let's not play catchup across these last 676 days, but rather in the least words I can use: 2017 and 2018 were just so politically damning that I couldn't bring myself to write about them (far many others have, far better than I).

2019 looks to be tracking the same. Still, in December I decided to step out of my funk and once again play with pen and paper and qwerty keyboard. I'm not sure what to expect, except that I'll probably confuse- and hopefully amuse us both.

BTW: Here's this year's first teaching moment. When the water goes dry, it's gonna hurt a lot more than when the power goes out. Case in point: I'd set up my earthquake preparations and had more than the recommended gallons of water to hold three people and multiple pets for at least three days each.

But noooooo.

Yesterday morning my main water line sprung a leak under the house, and I had to shut the water off until a plumber can come and put on a patch that will last until they can get all the rotting galvanized pipes replaced.  I've already used 10 of those one gallon jugs just to use the water-efficient toilet!


Lesson one: Store more water!
Lesson two: Store more water in larger containers!
Lesson three: Pee and poo less (if ya can ya ol' geezer), or go somewhere else where it doesn't matter.

Seriously. Water is going to be pivotal for (y)our survival when the SHTF and it's TEOTWAWKI.

Oh, and while we prepare for the worst, let's also act for the best cuz I selfishly want TWAWKI* to last a few more decades.

*except for, you know, all the stupid lying, hurtful political, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic, anti-immigrant, science-phobic, etc. ad nauseum.

Live Long and Prosper  🖖